Conflicts and Political Identities in the Horn of Africa

Porto, FLUP, sala de reuniões 2

14 de Novembro de 2024.



1ª sessãoGeopolitics of the flows: people, commodities, ideas.

2ª sessão: Disputed identities and conflict triggers in Somalia.

3ª sessão: Concept and planning of the 2025 Conference on the Horn of Africa politics.


Descrição da atividade:

The workshop will consist of three sessions and conclude within one day, bringing together up to six invited participants from various academic fields.

  1. The first session will focus on the regional politics and discuss the current dynamics in the relations between different state actors in the Horn of Africa. It will specifically examine the disputed Ethiopia-Somaliland deal (or ‘the Berbera port deal’) and address the interests and potential roles of key international stakeholders in the significant developments following this deal.
  2. The second session will explore different conflict situations in Somalia, including, but not limited to, the federal government's struggle with Al-Shabaab. The discussion will then address the current state of affairs between the government in Mogadishu and the federal states. The participants are welcome to expand this discussion and speak about the disputed political identities in Somalia and the politics of identities in general.
  3. The third session will draw on the two previous ones and will focus on conceptualizing a larger conference on international relations and power struggles in the Horn of Africa, which the University of Porto will organize in 2025. Participants are invited to brainstorm ideas and open questions that could form the basis for future panels.

 The organizers view this workshop as an exploratory and preliminary step towards the proposed 2025 conference. Participants are encouraged to share suggestions or proposals to be used aid for the larger 2025 Conference.


 Chair and co-chairs:

 Aaron Tesfaye, William Paterson University (USA)

Alexander Zhukov (CEAUP, University of Porto, Portugal)

Maciel Santos (CEAUP, University of Porto, Portugal)

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