ref: Saharawi Children and Students under occupation

Reference Type: Electronic Article

Record Number: 1


Year: 2019

Title: Saharawi Children and Students under occupation

Issue: 1

Pages: 28

ISSN: 978-989-8156-27-3

Over four decades have passed since the invasion of Western Sahara by the Moroccan Kingdom in October 1975. The status of this non-autonomous territory has not changed and it is clearly defined not only by the UN Resolutions as well as the International Court, the African Union and the Court of Justice of the European Union. Morocco has no sovereignty over the territory although it is the administrative power in facto, Spain did not fulfil the decolonization process and the International Community, especially the United Nations, were not able so far to put in place the Referendum for self-determination that was the base of the cease fire agreement in 1991 between the Moroccan Kingdom and the POLISARIO FRONT. The census was completed in 1992 by MINURSO (United Nations Mission for the

Referendum in Western Sahara), due to the obstacles put forward by Morocco the final list was confirmed in 1997 in Houston, where the UN Special Envoy Mr. James Baker III announced on September 16 that the parties involved in the conflict came to an agreement that laid the groundwork for an end to their dispute over Western Sahara by agreeing to a code of conduct governing a referendum that would decide the fate of the territory.


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