Global Education Digest 2022

If you are interested in Global Citizenship Education, Development Education, Education for Human Rights, Education for Sustainability, Education for Peace / Conflict Prevention and Intercultural Education, you will find relevant information in this DIGEST.


This fifth edition of the project Global Education Digest da Academic Network on Global Education & Learning (ANGEL) provides a bibliography of academic and research materials that are relevant to the field of Global Education, being an invaluable guide for researchers, policy-makers and practitioners, where an overview of the development of this research area is facilitated.

The material is organized by language (10 languages including Portuguese), by theme/topic of primary and secondary research and, additionally, by type of publication.

Most sections only cover material published in 2021, as previous editions of DIGEST have covered other recent works.

Please access the resource at https://angel-network.net/Digest_2022

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